Welcome to tranSMART Arborist as a Service.
What does this do?

With tranSMART Arborist you can interactively shape the tranSMART concept tree without any required technical expertise.

Who is this guy on the left?

Meet Boris the Arborist. Here he is depicted with his favourite chainsaw, as his main business is to help create better trees!

I am new, where do I go?

To test the functionality of The Arborist, you can try the TraIT Cell line use case demo study demo study here.

How can I use this for my own projects?

Go to our github for tmtk, a Python package that allows you to run The Arborist on your own local data. Note that your tranSMART study must be formatted appropriately for transmart-batch.
If you would like to know more, please contact us through our website.